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The WoW-EPIC: MMORPGs, L2 Teaching & Learning with Gnomish Mind Control Caps (Martin Stack)

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The WoW-EPIC: MMORPGs, L2 Teaching & Learning with Gnomish Mind Control Caps (Martin Stack)

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2 Greetings! on Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:13 pm

Greetings FAB5ers (read FAB "go"ers)!  Martin Stack here.  I am really looking forward to meeting as many people and learning as much as possible from everyone this weekend in Kitakyushu!

I will be facilitating the session The WoW-EPIC: MMORPGS, L2 Teaching & Learning with GNomish Mind Control Caps on Sunday, July 20 in the 13:10 time slot.

Just as a bit of a preview, I thought I would include the abstract of my presentation here:

The use of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORGs) for education in general and specifically for second language (L2) education is currently drawing the attention of researchers and teachers.  Although many observers have concluded that these games, with their volumes of authentic language and potential for social interaction in the target language, can provide rich environments for L2 development, the research findings are difficult to generalize into strong claims of efficacy because of the small scale, both in terms of sample sizes and length of time, of these studies.
In an attempt to address these shortcomings of scale and purposeful application in current research, we launched the World of Warcraft Educational Project and Integrated Curriculum (WoW-EPIC) at the University of Shiga Prefecture in April, 2014.  The WoW-EPIC is a neuroELT-inspired, ongoing, robust project that engages participants both with in-game task-based activities and out-of-game with projects and individual educational activities.
In this presentation, we will don our Gnomish Mind Control Caps to discuss the neuroELT background and connections to maxims 50, 5, and 23, the structure, the methods, and the finding so far of the WoW-EPIC. FAB5 presentation participants will gain a better understanding of and practical advice regarding the use of MMORPGs as neuroELT environments in L2 education. 

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3 Gnomish Mind Control Caps on Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:52 pm

BTW, if you are interested in making your own Gnomish Mind Control Cap to bring to this presentation, please do so.  Any style of cap is fine - origami, duct tape, etc...

We will be using these to caps during part of the presentation - and the more caps we have, the greater chance of success!  Of course, as with all Gnomish engineering, there is also a chance of backfiring...so I guess the more we have, the greater the chance of something going wrong...and turning the FAB5 Brain Days in something more akin to Brain "Daze"...but that is a risk we must take to advance the field!!!

Here is a image to give you an idea of what they look like, in case you have not actually seen one before...a Gnomish Mind Control Cap, that is, not a Gnome...I assume you have all seen one of those before!

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