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Foreign Language Learning and the Intercultural Mind (Joseph Shaules)

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Foreign Language Learning and the Intercultural Mind (Joseph Shaules)

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Thank you for your wonderful presentation! The word "phenomena" is still going around in my head with a clear vision of you dancing!!!! Well, one of the key words for me this time is "vision". Your presentation gave me lots of thoughts on how I can assist my students "to be" as well as "to do", and how I can help them have clear vision of their goals. I need to think about it more and maybe sleep on it more! I myself haven't got a clear vision on it yet and a little nervous about implementing something new such as this intercultural mind in my lessons but I learned that being nervous is a sign of potential growth :-) And now I know who to ask when I'm totally lost!
Well, thank you again for your inspiring presentation!

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Your two presentations have really changed the way I view culture. It helped me view it in a different way that is more palatable for me, which in turn makes it comfortable for me to integrate in to my lessons. I just didn't want to be the "this is what we do in America" teacher because there is more to teaching English than just being a glorified tape recorder. Your presentations showed me a better way to help understand my students on a deeper level when teaching English. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight with all of us.

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