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5. “Understanding” is the synthesis of and ability to apply prior learning.

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5. “Understanding” is the synthesis of and ability to apply prior learning.
Learning comes before understanding. Understanding requires the synthesis of concepts that surround the learning process and include the incorporation of dynamic skills that allow the learning to be applied in other situations in the real world. A simple example — you can learn how to verbalize a sentence in a second language, but until you know how to use it in real world contexts by being able to feel the nuances of when it is appropriate or not, you do not truly understand the sentence. Understanding is therefore a much more convoluted process that should never be mistaken for the simplistic process of learning, although this is often the case in formal learning contexts, and common tests. Unlike simplistic learning, understanding takes nurturing time and creative ingenuity to be able to apply it to real world situations. From the brain's perspective, true understanding is an astronomical jump up from learning.

Q. What is something that you "understand"? Discuss why you can say that you "understand" it deeply?

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