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4. “Learning” is not understanding.

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1 4. “Learning” is not understanding. on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:35 pm


4. “Learning” is not understanding.
In psycho-neuroscientific terms, learning is the ability to compound enough reflex network sets in the brain to create a higher level of cognition. An easy example is learning balanced walk. A huge number of reflex sets including reflex sets from the eyes, ears, feet, arms, and torso must compound to form the act of balanced walk. The ability to compound smaller reflex sets into larger, more convoluted reflex sets demonstrates the ability to learn. This type of learning does not equate to understanding. Does the child who just learned to walk actually understand the ergonomics or the physics of walking? No, the child does not. It is the same for all human learning. Understanding is a much more taxing process that requires more time and motivation than simplistic learning does.

Q. In your own words, explain the learning vs understanding dichotomy.

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