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39. "Meditate" for better learning; go into default mode.

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39. "Meditate" for better learning; go into default mode.

Recent studies in default modes are very intriguing. They tell us that most animals, including humans go into default states when we are not consciously working on a problem. The irony is, our brain immediately starts working on other problems! Our brains never turn themselves off for relaxation. If you have ever had a daydream while waiting at a red light, or while sitting on a train, you know that your mind wanders and sends you information seemingly at random… then suddenly you remember something important! That is our default state working diligently for us in the background. Meditation is a way to access this wonderful background system. Meditation planned usage of our default states. Allow for meditation in the classroom. It may provide deeper insight for your students , help with alignment, and may even help with classroom dynamics.

Q. Have you ever meditated? If not try it! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results! How can this maxim be used in your teaching context?

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