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37. "Healthy" bodies make healthy brains; healthy brains make healthy bodies.

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37. "Healthy" bodies make healthy brains; healthy brains make healthy bodies.

It may sound cliché but eating right and exercising right not only makes people healthy -- it makes them smarter too. Several recent studies show that athletic people have brains that work more optimally than people who don't exercise. The same goes with health food versus junk food. People who eat junk food don't think as well as people who eat healthy foods. For example, natural fats are necessary for neuron growth. However, when neurons have to use junk food's trans fats to grow neurons, they produce faulty neurons that don't function optimally. It is a crime that so many schools around the world, including Japan, knowingly serve trans fats (such as in margerine, shortening, and deep fried foods) to unknowing school children who are in the midst of growing neurons for their futures. We should also look out for sugary foods, especially foods with high fructose corn syrup.

Reprimanding students for not doing well while feeding them foods that impede cognitive development is Wrong, with a capital w.

Q. Is your school heath-conscious? What improvements can be made?

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