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32. "Graphically" organize.

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1 32. "Graphically" organize. on Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:16 pm


32. "Graphically" organize.

Mind maps and similar "graphic organizer" activities can mimic what is happening in the brain in real time. They helps make the learning/understanding visible. They also enhance focused cognition by creating a dynamic loop of cognition; what happens in the brain affects what happens on paper -- what happens on paper then affects what happens in the brain! This is a wonderful dynamic loop of cognition. Graphic organizers make the students' thought processes tangible and are intriguing for both the teacher and the student; they are dynamically engaging and self-motivating. Let students exchange their mind maps and then interview each other on the content. As long as the root word (seed) of the maps are similar, most students will engage in lively discussions and enhance their communicative skills and deepen their thinking regarding the subject matter. Engaged students with dopamine release show a natural increase in focus and motivation (Storm & Tecott, 2005). Therefore mind mapping before a discussion pretty much guarantees a better and more lively learning experience for any subject matter.

Q. Have you ever done a mind map, or a similar graphic organizer? Where can you implement the usage of mind maps in your current lessons?

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