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18. “Alignment” delivers us from chaos.

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1 18. “Alignment” delivers us from chaos. on Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:56 pm


18. “Alignment” delivers us from chaos.

The common state for the human brain is often chaotic — that is, without alignment, the brain is free to explore external and internal data. That is fine unless we are in a learning context and actually want to learn. When in a learning context, teacher-student alignment as well as peer-to-peer alignment delivers us from chaos and makes the learning that much more efficient. There are four Levels of Alignment toward any given goal: (1) chaotic alignment[non-alignment] with the goal, (2) functional alignment with the goal, (3) optimal alignment with the goal, and (4) unity with the goal. The fourth level is what some might call ‘flow’, or 'in the zone'. Level 4 alignment is not necessarily the best stage because at this level, consciousness of surroundings and timekeeping is, by definition, lost while at this level. Level 4 alignment may be useful for a short period of time, and is highly motivational, but for most pragmatic daily purposes, Level 3 alignment is literally optimal.

Q. Why is Level 3 Optimal? Why would you not want to be at Level 4 all of the time? Would it be possible to have all of your students at Level 3 (or 4) all of the time? What does this mean to you as a teacher?

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